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About Woodville


With uncompromised excellence, the mission of Woodville Elementary School, a vibrant community of promise for all, is to inspire our students to be possibility-thinkers, life-long learners, and responsible citizens, through challenging and engaging learning experiences, guided by highly qualified, passionate educators in partnership with our families and the entire Richmond community.

Woody the Bear
Wood is Woodville Elementary School's Mascot. In 2003, the children voted on his name. Overnight Transportation, one of Woodville's adopters, transported Woody in one of their tractor trailers across the country


School History

Woodville Elementary School was first held at Mount Tabor Baptist Church in Henrico County, Virginia.  It was named after the community.  The original structure was a one-room building located on the corner of 21st and Selden Streets.  The school taught children in kindergarten up to the 7th grade.  The original building did not have electricity, but was lit by streetlights.

In 1833, Henrico County obtained a lot at 22nd and Seldon Streets and built a two-room school. In 1912, this building was replaced by a two-story, four-room building, which was later destroyed in a fire in 1933.

Henrico County then built a stucco school in 1934. This building had four rooms, shelves, hangers and an air-vent.  Each room had a blackboard, stove, as well as a library bookcase. There was also electricity provided by electric lamps in Richmond.

In 1942, the community of Woodville was annexed into the City of Richmond. After this annexation occurred, Woodville teachers began to focus on music in the school. The music programs taught many of the students how to play instruments as well as how to sing.

In September of 1954, a new Woodville Elementary School, located at 2000 North 28th Street was opened for junior primary to grade six. This building consisted of a library, 16 classrooms, an auditorium as well as a cafeteria and gym. A ten-room addition was opened in January 1962.

Today Woodville Elementary School serves up to 500 students. The building also has a Media Center, cafetorium, computer lab and approximately 34 classrooms, some of which are annexed to the building.
*This information was taken from the History of Woodville Elementary Public School written by Mrs. Alma F. Lucas and the Richmond Public Library

Administration History

Head Teachers

  • Fannie Vaughan – 1942-1946
  • Fernando E. Brown – 1946-1954


  • Fernando E. Brown – 1954-1959
  • Nathaniel Lee – 1959-1966
  • Spingarn D. Brinkley – 1966-1971
  • William W. Craighead – 1971-1973
  • Alga B. Evans, Sr. – 1973-1985
  • Dr. Leon Harding – 1985-1989
  • Jane Johnson – 1989-1991
  • Alberta Person – 1991-2003
  • Rosalind C. Taylor – 2003-2013
  • Kara Lancaster-Gay- Jan 2014-June 2014 (Interim Principal)
  • Dr. Joanne Pereira- 2014- 2015
  • Vercynthia Penn- 2015-2017 (Interim Principal)
  • Shannon M. Washington 2017 - 2021
  • Rickeita Jones (Interim Principal)